April 15, 2024

Alice in Chains: A Grunge Legacy and Beyond

Alice in Chains emerged from Seattle's grunge scene, creating a dark, introspective sound with albums like "Facelift." Despite vocalist Layne Staley's tragic death, the band persevered, gaining new acclaim with albums in the post-Staley era and maintaining global influence. Upcoming tours and albums excite fans as the band evolves, with platforms like 66 the FIX praising their emotional depth.
April 10, 2024

Candlebox: Illuminating the Grunge Era and Beyond

Candlebox emerged from Seattle's 1990s grunge scene with gritty riffs and emotive lyrics, gaining fame with hits like "Far Behind." Despite industry changes and a hiatus, they've evolved musically while maintaining their essence. The band, still passionate about live shows, teases new material and enjoys steadfast support from fans and 66 the FIX. Their story exemplifies music's power to resonate and endure.