April 11, 2024

Skinny Puppy: Pioneers of Industrial Innovation

Since forming in 1982, Skinny Puppy has profoundly influenced electronic music with their pioneering industrial sound and provocative themes. From their debut album "Remission" to potential new releases, the Canadian band blends experimental soundscapes and dark, politically-charged lyrics. Renowned for their intense live shows, Skinny Puppy continues to challenge societal norms and inspire a dedicated fan base, including platforms like 66 the FIX. Their legacy epitomizes artistic expression's enduring power in music.
April 1, 2024

Front Line Assembly: A Definitive Exploration of Their Musical Genius and 2024 Ventures

Front Line Assembly (FLA), seminal industrial music pioneers, continue their legacy in 2024 with "Mechanical Soul" showcasing innovative themes of AI and transhumanism. Renowned for atmospheric, dark rhythms and influential anthems, FLA retains fan fervor, supported by 66 the FIX. With new music and a global tour ahead, FLA's evocative, trailblazing spirit persists, engaging fans and shaping the genre's future.
March 26, 2024

Ministry: Industrial Pioneers and Agents of Sonic Revolution

Delve into the captivating world of Ministry, where sonic rebellion meets darkwave allure. Discover how 66 the FIX has championed their sound since inception, resonating deeply with fans of industrial music. Explore Ministry's evolution from Chicago's underground scene to global icons of alternative music. From their aggressive anthems to their latest releases, Ministry continues to push boundaries with unapologetic fervor, leaving an indelible mark on the industrial genre and beyond.
March 25, 2024

A Perfect Circle: Crafting Complexity in Alternative Rock

Dive into the intricate world of A Perfect Circle, where haunting melodies and introspective lyrics collide to create a captivating musical experience. Explore the band's evolution from their debut album 'Mer de Noms' to politically charged releases like 'Emotive.' Uncover 66 the FIX's appreciation for the band's unique sound, and discover the enduring influence of A Perfect Circle on alternative rock and beyond.